A new day rose …

A new day rose upon me. It was as if another sun had risen into the sky;
the heavens were indescribably brighter, and the earth fairer; and that
day has gone on brightening to the present hour. I have known the other
joys of life, I suppose, as much as most men; I have known art and beauty,
music and gladness; I have known friendship and love and family ties; but
it is certain that till we see God in the world–God in the bright and boundless
universe–we never know the highest joy. It is far more than if one were
translated to a world a thousand times fairer than this; for that supreme
and central Light of Infinite Love and Wisdom, shining over this world
and all worlds, alone can show us how noble and beautiful,
how fair and glorious they are.

Orville Dewey


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