I’ve been told I’m a private person, that I don’t open up much about myself. Maybe I’m waiting for someone who’s willing to peel back the layers or maybe I’m just that closed off. No one understands what goes on in this

mind of mine and that’s perfectly fine with me. Sometimes, even I don’t have a clue on how I’m wired, but I guess that’s where self-discovery kicks in. I’ve learned, I’ve loved, I’ve lost.

I learned a lot about myself, about those around me who’ve shaped me to be the person I am today. I learned that people don’t often stick around and once they’ve satisfied that chapter in your life, someone new will come strolling in; indeed, an endless cycle it is. Knowledge is fulfilling, but sometimes, I have to admit that ignorance is bliss. I’ve loved and I continue to love. There are moments that I exhaust myself because of how much I give away, but I’m reminded that there are those who really deserve the love I choose to give. It’s scary to dangle there hoping someone would take notice. Even though you’ve caught their attention, occasionally, you are just the shadow; just like the cloud of smoke that drifts away after a captivating firework show. And I’ve lost… I’ve lost so much, but I reflect and think about how much I’ve gained in the process and it isn’t so bad. I make my own fortune and though Life doesn’t play by my rules, I find a way to twist it accordingly.

There’s just something that settles right because aspects of my life aren’t surfaced. There’s a certain sense of security that I feel; like I found my place in this world, but I’m not fastened to it. I can pick up and leave. I can rewrite my story and even create a fantasyland. I guess the less you reveal, the less flawed you come off to be. Why draw attention to my past when I can focus on my future? Why bind yourself to the sun when you can have the entire sky? We often choose to see what we want to perceive. I choose to feed your selective vision with what I choose to divulge.


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